Contemporary Alabama Photography

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Mar 10 2017 - Nov 12 2017

On the eve of the Alabama’s Bicentennial celebration of statehood, Contemporary Alabama Photography explores how our understanding of Alabama identity, culture, and history have been interpreted and formed through the photographic arts today. This exhibition was conceptualized and organized to compliment Mobile Museum of Art’s – CHRISTENBERRY: In Alabama. Contemporary Alabama Photography looks to the current trajectory of photography being practiced throughout Alabama, and highlights the work of eleven emerging, mid-career, and established photographers:
April Dobbins
Jenny Fine
Zachary McCauley
Jerry Siegel
Chuck Hemard
Patrick Owens
Michael Meads
Marion “Pinky” Bass
Devin Lunsford
Celestia Morgan
Jared Ragland
There is an instinctive rapport between these photographers and William Christenberry. All draw similar inspiration from the history of photography and their own Alabama history. These contemporary Alabama photographers build upon the historical art context established by Christenberry, and expand the visual narrative of Alabama into new directions of subject matter, content, and process. As the technology of photography constantly changes, the Southern tradition of storytelling remains central. Their work, while based in reality, transcends the real into an idealized mythic romanticism of a troubled/beautiful/complex place. This is photography made by artists with an innate and esoteric understanding of the region.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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  • April Dobbins
  • Jenny Fine
  • Zachary McCauley
  • Jerry Siegel
  • Chuck Hemard
  • Patrick Owens
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