The Siege of Leningrad

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Feb 18 2017 - Jun 4 2017

The exhibition The Siege of Leningrad is a multimedia presentation of one of the most tragic events of WWII – the 900-day siege of Leningrad in 1941-1944. The exhibition will focus on the city’s struggle and survival through photographs, films, maps, and stories of the war period. It will highlight both the gruesome side of the war and the life-affirming effort of the people who lived through the horrible ordeal.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, Russia. The multimedia exhibition will present a documentary narrative of the Siege of Leningrad drawing on the rich collections of the partnering museum. The use of multimedia formats will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the war era and learn about its little-known stories.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • European
  • 20th Century
  • History

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