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Mar 17 2017 - May 29 2017

Pairing a series of gowns created in the mid-1990s by fashion designer Yeohlee Teng with the oil stick screen prints by artist Richard Serra, this exhibition highlights the rigor of both creator’s explorations of form and space. Although conceived independently and for different purposes, their works use balance and proportion to influence graphic impact and spacial perceptions. This installation highlights the connections shared between the two artists at an intersection of art and fashion.

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Whether or not you go,  brings together Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective (Menil Collection) for the first time Serra's drawn work, considering the artist's investigation of medium as an activity both independent from and linked to his pioneering sculptural practice.

First working in ink, charcoal, and lithographic crayon on paper, Serra originally used drawing as a means to explore form and perceptual relations between his sculpture and the viewer. Over time, his drawings underwent significant shifts in concept, materials, and scale and became fully realized and autonomous works of art. The grand, bold forms he created with black paintstick in his monumental Installation Drawings were designed to disrupt and complement existent spaces and eventually began to occupy entire rooms. In the late 1980s, Serra explored the tension of weight and gravity through layering, and his most recent work experiments with surface effects, using mesh screens as intermediaries between the gesture and the transfer of pigment to paper.

Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective (Menil Collection)

Yeohlee: Work Since establishing her own fashion house in 1981, Yeohlee's strong and consistent approach to clothing design has made her name synonymous with 'intimate architecture', seasonless efficiency, striking geometrical designs and concise functionalism. She designs for the 'urban nomad', a postmodern consumer who demands adaptable, functional, low-maintenance clothing that looks deceptively simple but makes a powerful impression in changing environments of time, place and circumstance. This book features insightful essays from a number of prominent fashion critics and curators, as well as beautiful colour photographs, and patterns for some of her most iconic designs. Yeohlee Teng was the recipient of the prestigious 2004 Fashion Design Award. This award is given to an individual or firm for outstanding achievement in clothing, accessory or footwear design, and is part of the National Design Awards, presented by the Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to honour Americsn creator

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