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Nov 14 2016 - Feb 2 2017

Continuum tells the story of Punto de Contacto/Point of Contact’s journey over the last 40 years through the lens of its permanent art collection. Founded in 1975 by Pedro Cuperman, Point of Contact began as an editorial project dedicated to publishing creative scholarship and original works of art side by side, thus providing a cross-disciplinary space for writers, scholars, and visual artists. In 2005, Point of Contact expanded its vision with the opening of a gallery dedicated to the exploration of contemporary verbal and visual arts, with a strong focus on Latin America. Throughout its history, Point of Contact’s mission has been to form inspired communities; to innovate through artistic concepts that may resonate locally and globally; to work expansively where intellectual and geographic boundaries are concerned; and to share the experience.

Many of the pieces included in the exhibition have been created specifically for Point of Contact publications and exhibitions and provide a unique perspective on the evolution of the organization. The collection crosses visual and verbal, geographic and artistic boundaries, evolving year-after year, contributing to the conversation on contemporary art in today’s rapidly changing environment. As Point of Contact’s Art Editor Ana Tiscornia states, “It does not respond to the usual criteria of art collections, such as periods, geographies, or artistic tendencies, but rather it unites a well-defined cultural calling, an almost romantic faith in the aesthetic experience as our main redeemer.” 

The selection of works shown here includes artists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, England, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Russia, the United States, and Uruguay. By revisiting its past, Point of Contact also looks toward its future, refining its vision and turning each new encounter into an experimentation with unlimited insights.

Point of Contact thanks all the artists who have generously donated their works to be included in this collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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