Graphic Content: Artworks by Anvil Collective

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Mar 17 2017 - Apr 28 2017

UVAA’s Corridor Gallery features Graphic Content by the Anvil Collective (Anvil Graphic Design). Shunning the notion that the only real art is “fine art”, this small group of designers tackle their work the same way the Lusty Lady might advertise a peep show: lewd eye candy with a dash of light reading. Often called kitsch, lowbrow, or shlock, this collection embraces the beauty of urban decay through print, typography, and graffiti. From the deconstruction of punk rock posters, to the coffee-stained smut of Seattle’s skid row, the Anvil Collective sees art and design as an inward look into who we are: an inky layered mass of desperate communication.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Anvil Collective

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