Then and Now 2017

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Feb 15 2017 - Mar 4 2017

During the early years of the Attleboro Arts Museum several area residents supported the organization by gifting fine art, memorabilia and items of aesthetic and historical interest. These donations came to form the Museum’s permanent collection. Today, the Museum presents an annual winter exhibition featuring collection highlights. These yearly shows allow the organization to share segments of its holdings and honor exceptional works donated by its early patrons.

In 2016 our permanent collection show, Then and Now, featured the Museum’s art and objects – alongside original interpretations from invited artists. The response to this show was overwhelmingly positive, and has prompted an encore exhibition – Then and Now 2017. The 2017 show will spotlight the original work of newly invited artists responding to different selections from the collection.

Each participating Then and Now artist has selected one or more designated pieces from the Museum’s permanent collection.  The artists will utilize their select work(s) as a point of departure for assembling a response in the media of their choice.

2017 Exhibiting Artists: Lisa G. Bailey, John Davis, Shelly Eager, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Christian Goncalves, Bonnie Jaffe, Marc Jaffe, Matt Kattman, Richard Kattman, Margo Lemieux, Tracey J. Maroni, Valerie Maser-Flanagan, Alice Nolan Merlone, Sarah Meyers Brent, Stephanie N. Miksis, Karole Nicholson, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Mimo Gordon Riley, CW Roelle, Gretchen Dow Simpson, Mari-Ann Suvari, Don Swavely, Colleen Vandeventer, Carol Wontkowski.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • American
  • Lisa G. Bailey
  • Bonnie Jaffe
  • Richard Kattman
  • Linda Pearlman
  • Mimo Gordon Riley
  • Don Swavely
  • Carol Wontkowski
  • and others

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