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Oct 28 2016 - Feb 6 2017

A celebration of paint, Luscious investigates the myriad ways in which artists make conscious statements of painterly intent. Fully in command of their medium, these artists believe in the beauty of paint itself. They explore and exploit its materiality, pushing technique to the edge. In some paintings the hand of the artist is evident in open, energetic brushwork and expressive mark making. In others the smooth, precise surface leaves the viewer wondering how the work was made.

Images range from figurative to purely abstract and, yes, two artists paint food—luscious, lip-licking, sugary confections. But in an exhibition devoted to the materiality of paint, abstraction reigns. Material provides both form and content. The painted surfaces vary from thin veneers to thick impasto, from lacquered caverns to gossamer veils. Paint has been brushed, daubed, sprayed, poured, or thrown. Viewing these works is not only a visual experience but also a visceral one. Without touching the paintings, we understand and respond to their tactility, and in some cases, their appeal to our other senses.

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Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Painting
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Valerie Jaudon
  • Lauren Olitski
  • Holton Rower
  • Maureen McQuillan
  • Darren Waterston
  • James Lecce
  • Daniel Hill
  • Mia Scheffey
  • Claire Sherman
  • Michael Abrams
  • Tim Allen
  • Joseph Diggs

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