Urban Planning: Contemporary Art and the City 1967–2017

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May 5 2017 - Aug 13 2017

This exhibition explores how contemporary artists consider the changing postwar urban landscape, beginning with the rapid development of the highway system in the mid-twentieth century and moving through industrialization’s continuing decline. 

Featuring work in a range of media by more than twenty international artists, including Catherine Opie, Ed Ruscha, Glenn Ligon, Josiah McElheny, Zoe Leonard, Mark Bradford, and Agnes Denes, Urban Planning: Contemporary Art and the City 1967–2017 treats the American urban landscape as a point of departure for a broader rumination on issues of identity, class, violence, health, economy, and opportunity. Keeping its focus to North America, the exhibition acknowledges and problematizes the various factors that have resulted in the irrevocable transformation of cities while also highlighting how such conditions continue to offer some of the most fertile ground for artistic inquiry today.

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  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Culture / Lifestyle
  • Catherine Opie
  • Ed Ruscha
  • Glenn Ligon
  • Josiah McElheny
  • Zoe Leonard
  • Mark Bradford
  • Agnes Denes

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