Acts of Nature: Contemporary Decorative Arts

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Aug 24 2016 - Jul 23 2017

Nature surrounds us—sometimes imperceptibly. Every day, as we interact with the natural environment, we encounter its splendors, marvel at its strengths and explore its mysteries. Natural phenomena inspire artists to create and to pay homage. Raw materials taken from the earth serve as the basis of works in clay or silver, while plants and animals inspire forms and decoration.

This exhibition presents a wide variety of interpretations of nature. Some artists can be literal—such as the silver Nymphaea (Water lilies) Rattle by Robyn Nichols. Some painstakingly recreate the natural forms they are inspired by—such as Edouard Lindeneher’s vase for the manufacturer Haviland Brothers and Company or the Gioielli del Giardino (Jewels of the Garden) Tiara by Gina Westergard. This exhibition explores a selection of artistic responses to the natural world around us, offering ceramic and glass works from the early 20th century to recently acquired contemporary jewelry.

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  • Decorative Arts
  • International
  • Animals / Wildlife / Nature
  • Edouard Lindeneher
  • Robyn Nichols
  • Gina Westergard
  • and others

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