In Search of the Source: Paintings of the Nile and Beyond

by Lockwood De Forest (1850-1932)

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Jan 21 2017 - Apr 2 2017

While primarily known today as a California impressionist painter, Lockwood De Forest (1850-1932) was one of hundreds of artists who made pilgrimages to the Middle East during the 19th century.

From December 1875 through July 1876 he traveled to the Middle East to paint the beautiful and historic landscapes that he would discover there. During the course of several months, he journeyed on the Nile, then up through Palestine, into Syria, including to Palmyra, and then off to Greece on his return home. In each location he sat down with brush in hand and painted exactly what he viewed with his own eyes on small, wooden panels. It is these paintings that will be featured beginning in winter 2017 at the Huntington Museum of Art.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

Whether you go or not, In Search of the Source: Paintings of the Nile by Lockwood De Forest  represents the artist's impressions of the great river Nile. 

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