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Nov 9 2016 - Mar 7 2017

On display at The Griffin's satellite location, the Lafayette City Center Passageway Gallery, 2 Avenue de Lafayette Boston, MA 02111.

Space is a multilayered word. It can be an action, feeling, a state of mind or an area with potential. It can be occupied or rented. Space can also be a void. It is the gap between words, teeth, parked cars, or the area beyond earth’s air.

Over time and circumstance society has inhabited space in a variety of ways. Early seventeenth century American colonists chose to live closely to each other by a river and in a ring around a common building. In the mid 1800’s the need for more land spurred expansion past the Appalachian Mountains to the western frontiers. City dwellers view space by the dollar per square foot, country dwellers count acres and the property line defines the suburban boundary. The invention of the skyscraper economized space in land-strapped cities, accommodating more people vertically while working and living in the sky.

The artists responded with varied interpretations of the topic. Some chose a geometric response or produced artistic space. Two photographed private moments of reflection. One photographer depicted the air one breathes and others portrayed the outer reaches beyond earth’s atmosphere. All photographs chosen for this exhibit work together in a unified way to form a narrative on the concept of SPACE. The Griffin Museum of Photography is very proud to be able to share the work of these 37 photographers in exhibition.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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