Monsters, Creatures, Apparitions and Other Beasts

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Mar 21 2017 - May 27 2017

On display in the IP Casino Resort Spa Exhibitions Gallery

In New Orleans, Robert Warrens became part of a group of artists a New Orleans art critic dubbed “Visionary Imagists.” 

Prominent British art critic Edward Lucie-Smith, writing in his book about American art in the 1980s, describes Warrens’ “fantasy” paintings as the “quintessence of this particular aspect of Louisiana art … [that] introduces the spectator to a world where objects are in a constant state of transformation and where the artist’s impulse toward the fantastic is powered by a manic energy that is at variance with the traditional sleepy elegance of the Deep South.”  Fantasy seems to fit Warrens and his paintings.

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  • Painting
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Robert Warrens

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