Cameron Martin

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Jun 30 2017 - Sep 9 2017

Cameron Martin is best known for his large-scaled, photographically-based landscape paintings. For years his painting practice centered on investigating various modes of representation and seriality in relationship to images of nature. In 2015, he began working against this approach returning to earlier elements that he felt were missing in his recent studio practice. This led to a re-engaged sense of play and the freedom to entertain productive failure. A new body of non-objective paintings emerged that address current generative roles for abstraction. Each of the new paintings maintain a distinct optical and conceptual addition to an expanded framework. Says Martin, “I often think of the paintings as operating the way a community ideally could, with strong individuals working in tandem, finding affinities but also antagonizing each other in order to produce something larger.”

Cameron Martin received a BA in Art/Semiotics from Brown University in 1994 and graduated from the Whitney Independent Study Program in 1996.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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