videoarte: Rotative Repository of Latin American Video Art: Mono Canal

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Jan 11 2017 - Apr 30 2017

El Museo del Barrio

New York City, NY

This exhibition explores the work of Latin American video artists and their different approaches to the single-channel format. The work on display ranges from pieces inspired by documentary or visual anthropology to others that eschew narrative structure for an approach more akin to visual poetry or performance.

The exhibited artists represent the strongest trends in the Latin American video art tradition. Their work fully embrace contemporary production techniques and conceptual approaches. Together they exemplify the multicultural discourse and critical thinking that have always been present in the complex identity of the Latin American countries, with incisive commentary on the historic migrations and political changes of the region as well as on topics such as gender, identity, politics and power.

In an attempt to convey the vitality of contemporary Latin American video art, this exhibition presents the work of established artists alongside the most exciting work from the new generation of video artists.

Participating artists: Maricruz Alarcón, Francisca Benitez, Alberto Borea, Nat Castañeda, Javier Castro, Lionel Cruet, Marcos Chaves, Gianfranco Foschino, Ignacio Gatica, Eduardo Gil, Alfredo Jaar, Joiri Minaya, Iván Navarro, Crack Rodriguez and Margarita Sanchez

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • Latin American
  • Contemporary
  • Maricruz Alarcón
  • Francisca Benitez
  • Nat Castañeda
  • Marcos Chaves
  • Ignacio Gatica
  • Alfredo Jaar
  • Iván Navarro
  • Margarita Sanchez
  • and others

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