War Wounds: Trinh Mai

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Nov 5 2016 - May 14 2017

Among the commonalities that we share as human beings, perhaps one of the most profound is our collective need to heal.

The delicate materials used to craft these physical and emotional wounds speak on their sensitive, tender nature. These lacerations have afflicted us with discomfort, pain, and heartache, but like antiseptic on an open wound, the sting somehow aids in our healing. Although this suffering is hardly welcomed, it has the potential of serving as a catalyst for a period of transformation and revival, igniting a strength within us that we might have not known existed otherwise.

As time mends all things, it also reveals the grace that is born out of these moments of grief-the invaluable lessons learned, the significant truths that surface, and the kindling of a compassion that pierces even deeper than the wounds themselves. And when they heal, they stamp upon us these unique scars as proof of the intrinsic strength that has, time and time again, led to our conquest over adversity-not only as survivors, but as the warriors we are.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Mixed-media
  • 20th Century
  • Trinh Mai

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