Rona Pondick and Robert Feintuch: Head, Hands, Feet; Sleeping, Holding, Dreaming, Dying

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Feb 3 2017 - Jul 15 2017

This exhibition brings together sculptures by Rona Pondick and paintings by Robert Feintuch. A couple since the mid-1970s, the artists share interests in making work that uses the body to pursue psychologically suggestive meanings.

Each uses their self, though neither makes traditional self-portraits. Heads, Hands, Feet; Sleeping, Holding, Dreaming, Dying the first exhibition to present a substantial body of each of their work together, includes nine sculptures and a series of prints by Pondick and eleven paintings by Feintuch. After premiering at UMOCA the exhibition will travel to the Bates Museum of Art.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • American
  • Rona Pondick
  • Robert Feintuch

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