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Jan 7 2017 - Mar 4 2017

Despite big flashy headlines about expensive sales of art and news about billionaire collectors and dealers, collecting art is not just for the very rich. There are a myriad of small collections in private homes, by individuals with different means, who do not collect for the investment but for how it touches their soul, what pleasure the piece brings: for their love of art. Among those smaller collectors are artists, whose collections may be seen as an expression of their aesthetics and of their intellectual exploration.

As makers, artists have a critical eye and learned knowledge. For many artists, their collection represents a deep perspective and understanding, not of its investment value, but of its place in the culture and world of art.

This show is an exploration of artists’ collections and how these pieces may inform or be informed by their personal aesthetics. By exhibiting selected pieces from each artist’s collection and shown side by side with their own work we can discover the dialog between the two and perhaps understand better the difference between collecting and acquiring art. View gallery open hours.

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