Endangered Landscapes: America’s National Lands in Transition

Photographic Landscapes by Rick Braveheart

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Feb 19 2017 - May 14 2017

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, Endangered Landscapes weaves together elements of art, education, environment and ecology through lush photographs of America’s national lands.

A veteran master landscape photographer with Native American heritage, Rick Braveheart has been the recipient of eleven artist-in-residence programs from the National Park Service. Through these programs, Braveheart is able to totally immerse himself into the natural landscape for weeks at time in order to capture vivid, lasting impressions of our disappearing lands and raise awareness about the environment before they become distant memories.

Originally from Western New York, Braveheart was surrounded by Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, old-growth forests and extreme winter weather conditions. Those experiences led to his deep appreciation for the beauty, spirit and power of Nature and an understanding of the interrelationship between its elements. As a photographer, Braveheart also works with land preservation and conservation groups, such as the Nature Conservancy. His work is as much about the vast beauty and immensity of the lands as it is about the organizations that protect these lands. Braveheart’s work can be found in the Smithsonian National Museum, US Embassies around the world, National Park Service Permanent Collection, and National Public Radio.

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