Color Across Asia

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Dec 21 2016 - May 26 2019

Color Across Asia is part of a groundbreaking re-installation of the Ackland Art Museum’s Asian galleries, presenting the Museum’s acclaimed collection of art from across the continent.

The larger of the Ackland’s two Asian art galleries will be reinstalled by color, enabling visitors to experience a full spectrum of cultural influence. Color Across Asia displays several millennia of the material cultures of Asia, showcasing a rich history of innovation, invention, and imitation. From the pure white of Chinese kaolin clay to the rich black of Japanese lacquers―and all the colors in between―Ackland visitors will see how pigments, precious metals, and glazing techniques made their way from Iranian grand bazaars to Indian temples, Chinese palaces, Japanese teahouses, and beyond.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Asian
  • Fujikasa Satoko
  • Myochin Munefusa
  • and others

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