Design Currents: Oki Sato, Faye Toogood, Zanini de Zanine

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Nov 19 2016 - Mar 12 2017

Design Currents presents the work of three contemporary designers—Oki Sato of Tokyo, Faye Toogood of London, and Zanini de Zanine of Rio de Janeiro—who deftly use handcrafted and industrial materials and techniques to create functional yet deeply expressive objects.

The exhibition looks at the links between context and creativity by examining the distinct culture and methods of each designer’s studio. It also shares how their versatile skills, focus on collaboration, and experimentation with artisanal and manufactured materials help shape our experience of the objects and their surroundings.

Design Currents is part of an ongoing series of exhibitions initiated by Collab, a group that supports the Museum’s modern and contemporary design collection and programs. This year Collab presents Sato, Toogood, and de Zanine with its Design Excellence: New Generation award, which honors young talents in the field of design. 

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  • Decorative Arts
  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Design
  • Oki Sato
  • Faye Toogood
  • Zanini de Zanine

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