Mood Swing Review: A solo exhibition by Ron Bayuzick

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Sep 23 2016 - Feb 11 2017

Ron Bayuzick expresses his love for the accidental, the abstract and the sheer thrill of creation through his art. His paintings are brightly colored jumbles of geometric shapes overlaid with organic, vigorous lines. His sculptures are beautiful assemblages of mangled and weathered metal, wood, paint and torn t-shirts. Sometimes he collaborates with nature and leaves projects outside for months, allowing rain and rust to further alter the pieces.

Bayuzick’s process relies on both serendipitous accidents and willful demolition. If he doesn’t like how a project is going he will “hose it down” and start again. Bayuzick confesses he literally “does terrible things to” his art and sometimes has to “beat the crap” out of a piece before it is done.

To many artists this is a wild and dangerous process, but to Bayuzick it is freeing. Working at an intuitive level, Bayuzick is wide open to both the world around him and his own emotions. He also gleans inspiration from what others would ignore. At one point he was inspired by a person dressed in bright orange in a large shopping center parking lot. This interplay of colors and shapes became the basis for an abstract painting.

Titles of works can change depending on his mood. “A lot of artists start with an ideal. I can’t,” admits Bayuzick, “I’m also not a realist.” To him, working with physical materials and his fluctuating emotional responses to them allows him to create visceral art that resonates with the public. [...]

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Painting
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Abstract
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