Giants in the Corner and Other Anxious Tales: New Works by Beauharnois, Hobbs and Martolock

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Jun 30 2016 - Nov 20 2016

Nadine Beauharnois, Morgan Hobbs and Tony Martolock graduated from PAFA's Master of Fine Arts program in 2015. As recipients of the 2016 Faculty Exhibition Award, they were invited to return to PAFA one year after graduation for a museum exhibition of their recent work.

Persistent memories give way to awkward tension, and acutely observed realities – and deceptions – pay homage to a lineage of eclectic, eccentric object-making. Beauharnois, Hobbs and Martolock navigate an institutional history while inquisitively reaching into the future. Showcasing their painted anxieties, this exhibition also enables each artist to extend the conversation by placing their work alongside selections from PAFA’s collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website. More information about the exhibition is available on the museum website. 

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Nadine Beauharnois
  • Morgan Hobbs
  • Tony Martolock

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