Designs from the Deep: The Architecture of the Shell

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Oct 10 2016 - Jan 2 2017

Explore the science of shells, the tiny architects that reside within, and the differences that make each shell so unique and spectacular. The exhibit will feature hundreds of stunning shells from around the world, selected from the private collection of local collector Catherine Wiggins. To many people, seashells are keepsakes from a vacation, or from a fun day at the beach. Designs from the Deep: The Architecture of the Shell aims to expand the awareness of beachcombers and shell enthusiasts who encounter these beautiful objects, and help them consider more substantially the creatures that resided within the shells, and the science that went in to creating these exquisite homes.

The collection presented here is one person’s culmination of over 50 years of diving, snorkeling and climbing over rocks to gather these amazing gifts from nature. Every shell serves as a memory - a lifeline of experiences dear to the heart of a local shell collector.

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