It's Your Party

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Sep 9 2016 - Jan 1 2017

Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream, In your Heart you Know He's Right, and Not Just Peanuts. Are these titles of country songs or campaign slogans? If you guessed campaign slogans you're correct! But who won these elections and who lost? Find out this fall when we celebrate the winners and losers alike with It's Your Party, an exhibition of presidential campaign memorabilia drawn from the vast collection of Morry "The Button Man" Greener. Campaign posters, bumper stickers, pennants, and other ephemera from elections past and present will fill the Mobile Homestead. In the garage we'll be screening election related films and historical debates and broadcasting the live coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. Join us for debate and election night parties where you are welcome to commiserate or celebrate with your friends and neighbors.

Inspired by Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead, MOCAD has embarked on a multi-year examination of artists who seek to create participatory and socially transformative art. Known primarily as social practice, its practitioners freely blur the lines among art making, performance, political activism, community organizing, environmentalism, and investigative journalism, creating a deeply participatory art form. 

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • American
  • 20th Century
  • Political / Satire / Documentary
  • Various artists

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