Brotherhood: Jason Sacran and John P. Lasater IV

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Jan 2017 - Feb 2017

 Sacran and Lasater are contemporary representational painters who dedicate much of their full-time artistic careers to traveling the United States, teaching workshops and painting in national outdoor painting invitationals. Their achievements are improbably parallel, and their bond of brotherhood seems to propel this. They proudly wear their nickname, “The Arkansas Boys”, as they consistently take top honors in plein air competitions across the country as they travel from their homes in Magazine and Siloam Springs.

Sacran says, “I am a contemporary representational painter, working primarily outdoors. I paint what catches my interest in the moment. This could be almost anything; an orchestration of shapes, color contrast, light and shadow patterns, a mood or atmosphere, a subject I have never tried, or a subject I enjoy, etc.,” Sacran said. “I am drawn to paint places and things that say something about the day and time I live in now.” Sacran says, “Although my work is not necessarily subject driven, I find myself painting the overlooked and simultaneously familiar aspects of everyday life – scenes we pass by but rarely take the time to fully consider. In the chaos of daily life, I believe we all take the simple and familiar for granted. Sometimes it is these quiet unadorned places that make the most worthy subjects.”

Part of Lasater’s mission is to promote the arts in areas currently indifferent to it. He is accomplishing this through Heart of America Artists’ Association, an organization cofounded with artist and friend, Todd A. Williams. John also created the “24 Paintings in 24 Hours” tour in which he partnered with galleries in small towns, showcasing his love of outdoor painting by creating 24 plein air paintings in 24 straight hours. Lasater said, ”I make simple visual statements with my artwork, regardless of the subject matter. Simplicity is peaceful, and reinforces the blessing of our existence. Through the medium of oil paint, I have a language for my gratitude.”

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