Acceptable Losses by the Critical Art Ensemble

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Oct 24 2016 - Jan 22 2017

Which deaths matter? Which ones activate? "Acceptable Losses" statistically examines causes of American deaths to question why some sacrifices are more "acceptable" than others, and raises awareness about the veteran suicide epidemic. It contrasts how a few deaths can lead to nationwide product recalls, while tens of thousands of deaths can occur from other causes, such as suicide or car accidents, before the problem is addressed through public policy.

Internationally renowned arts collective Critical Art Ensemble has been focused on exploring the intersections between art, critical theory, technology, and political activism worldwide since 1987. The group has exhibited and performed at diverse venues internationally, ranging from the street, to the museum, to the internet. Museum exhibitions include the Whitney Museum and the New Museum in NYC; the Corcoran Museum in Washington D.C.; the ICA, London; the MCA, Chicago; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; and the London Museum of Natural History.

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  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Political / Satire / Documentary
  • Various artists

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