Liv Fjellsol: Art says

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Jan 13 2017 - Apr 2 2017

Liv C. Fjellsol is a renowned Norwegian artist and her work has been featured in over 40 exhibitions and competitions. To date she has written two books, “Art says,” and “Art cares".

Liv’s work is often meant to portray a philosophical theory or political statement regarding the world in which we live. The artist states “the more we learn in life, the more we understand what we do not know.” Liv believes that what makes a good artist is “…someone who dares to speak up from their own mind and their own style. This is what separates a good artist from simply a good painter—you can be a good painter without being an artist, but you cannot be a good artist without feeling a strong urge to create your own art and have your own voice in this world. I want art to be interesting. I want art to be strong. I want art to have a say in this world!”

This exhibition will showcase over 50 works on paper accompanied by texts written by international poets and journalists.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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