Made in Mexico: Contemporary Art Jewelers with Mexican Heritage

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Oct 16 2016 - Feb 5 2017

Not afraid to use jewelry to share stories or reflect emotion, many contemporary art jewelers create work that is thought-provoking and engaging. Even when not being worn, their pieces can reflect the personal, social, and cultural. This exhibition features the work of three artists who use nonprecious materials to explore their Mexican heritage. In addition to investigating ideas and issues that have personal meaning, Lorena Angulo, Jorge Manilla, and Georgina Trevino create works that speak to the influence of collective histories and shared experiences.

The diversity of materials represented by these artists corresponds to the innovation of contemporary art jewelry worldwide. Whether they have a metalsmithing background or not, many of those creating art jewelry freely utilize whatever medium best suits their working style, has specific meaning for them, and/or suits their artistic vision.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Decorative Arts
  • Latin American
  • Contemporary
  • Lorena Angulo
  • Jorge Manilla
  • Georgina Trevino

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