An Exhibition of Japanese American Ceramic Artists

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Sep 16 2016 - Nov 16 2016

MICHI showcases 16 Japanese and Japanese-American ceramic artists working in the US. Introducing some of the best contemporary ceramics to new audiences, the curators aim to highlight how individual artistic paths converge in a common connection to Japan. Michi literally means "road," but can also signify "path," "way," "history," or "story." Although each ceramicist's michi is distinct and personal, the artists share common ground in design, aesthetics and concepts that stem from their Japanese heritage.

Artists include Yoshii Fujii, Hiroe Hanazono, Ayumi Horie, Mike Negishi Laidlaw, Keisuke Mizuno, Megumi Naitoh, Nobuhito Nishigaware, Hiroshi Ogawa, Shoji Satake, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Juliane Shibata, Esther Shimazu, Ryan Takaba, Shoko Teruyama, Patti Warashina, and Shumpei Yamaki.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Decorative Arts
  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Ceramics / Porcelain / Pottery
  • Yoshii Fujii
  • Ayumi Horie
  • Keisuke Mizuno
  • Nobuhito Nishigaware
  • Shoji Satake
  • Juliane Shibata
  • Ryan Takaba
  • Patti Warashina
  • and others

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