Strangers Collective: Long Echo

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Oct 18 2016 - Jan 15 2017

An echo is a fragment of the past, but also a new moment in the present. This fall, Strangers Collective orchestrates a chorus of contemporary reflections at the CCA Cinematheque Lobby Gallery. The local arts group is excited to announce Long Echo, an exhibition of emerging artists and writers that is designed to send ripples through Santa Fe’s creative landscape. The show features a series of gatherings that will challenge visitors to rethink the role of emerging visual art, writing, music, and dance in the broader community.

“Long Echo comes at a time when many of us are delving into past experiences,” says Strangers co-director Alex Gill. “These conceptual and aesthetic elements are ringing out again in clearer and stronger ways.” The exhibition will feature diverse art, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and new media work. Strangers Collective’s writers will present a fresh array of zines, along with Strangers Volume I, a journal of collected writings and images from the group’s past events. “It’s not about nostalgia, it’s about ruthlessly hacking away at what you’ve done,” says Strangers co-founder and co-director Kyle Farrell. “How do you concentrate your creative power?”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Ona Yopack
  • Florence Cunningham
  • Daniel Bonhorst
  • Kelly Skeen
  • Max Walukas
  • Emmaly Wiederholt
  • Various artists

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