Beneath Metropolis

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Nov 4 2016 - Jan 8 2017

Beneath Metropolis constructs the context of a fabricated cityscape, perhaps a hidden, alternate reality to our own. A dull wave is swelling beneath the surface of its people. An emotional struggle responding to the growing isolation that exists around each corner, in a society that engages more with the virtual than physical civilization. Some choose to deconstruct both physical and psychological space in a fight against the numbness of hyperstimulation.

Each of the works in this exhibition can be considered scenes from that aforementioned reality. A fleeting melancholy or familiarity is embedded in each object. There are also qualities pointing to physical mass, collectiveness, and society. The inclusion of pictorial and structural works are meant to place these subjects in the context of our built environment.

Featuring photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, installation, print, and mixed media, this selection presents works selected from our last National and International Open Call.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Clarissa Bonet
  • Tannaz Farsi
  • Emily Hermant
  • Sharon Koelblinger
  • Alexander Krajkowski
  • Donald Morgan
  • Sarah Nance
  • Camilo Ramirez
  • Lauren Sudbrink
  • Erin Woodbrey
  • Jason Yi
  • Qian Zhao

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