Overhead and Under Foot: Contemporary Topographies on Paper

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- Jan 29 2017

Even the earliest maps from antiquity aimed to visualize the natural and built environments, serving societies to navigate the world and understand their place within it. Overhead and Under Foot: Contemporary Topographies on Paper considers this objective through works on paper from the Museum’s collection of prints and drawings.

Contemporary artists interpret physical geographies and the varied impressions of their surfaces; break through the ground, interrogating that which is under foot; draw directly upon the methodologies and ephemera of geographical research; or take up the practices of the archaeologist and navigator to explore material culture.

Overhead and Under Foot features selected works by artists including Vernon Fisher, Nancy Graves, Terrell James, Richard Serra, and Michelle Stuart.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Works on Paper
  • Contemporary
  • Vernon Fisher
  • Nancy Graves
  • Terrell James
  • Richard Serra
  • Michelle Stuart

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