The Distance Between Us

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Aug 6 2016 - Oct 23 2016

The Distance Between Us is a book by photojournalist Christopher Capozziello, who turns his camera on his own life, and that of his twin brother Nick. He confronts their differences and the anger and shame Chris carries over being the healthy twin. Nick has cerebral palsy.

Initially, sharing this story was not something Chris ever set out to do; over the years, one picture led to another, and a story emerged. In his own words Capozziello says, “The time I have spent with my brother, looking through my camera, has forced me to ask questions about suffering and faith and why anyone is born with disability.”

Capozziello’s photographs take us on a journey through his laments and questions about why this happened to Nick and not him, ending his debut book with a different sort of question: what next for the brothers? Part two of the book is a journey he and Nick take across the United States, while they road trip together for three weeks.

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  • Photography
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Christopher Capozziello

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