Alexia Markarian: Desire Is Never Enough

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Dec 17 2016 - Apr 30 2017

Alexia Markarian’s landscapes “suggest sets in some visionary theater…” wrote Robert Pincus in Art in America. In the Los Angeles Times, Leah Ollman, wrote that Markarian’s paintings “gave birth to a fantastic and rich realm somewhere between the organic and the surreal, where base instincts ruled and a seductive gleam filled the air.” 

Markarian has been making artwork—challenging and often confrontational artwork—in a very wide range of media (paintings, sculpture, jewelry, mixed media) for more than 30 years. A restless experimenter and creator, she is known for using common materials in unexpected ways throughout her sculptural and design work—not to mention for presenting work that is psychologically charged.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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