Caribbean Carnival

Tradition of Artistry, Visions of Change

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Jul 8 2016 - Nov 27 2016

This exhibition will explore several major themes of the Caribbean Carnival as reflected in the meanings and aesthetics of its traditional art forms. Concepts of formation and preservation of identity and community, co-existence of opposing cultural values and norms as well as perceptions of good and evil over time and across cultures will be woven into the exhibit story. Displays of masks, images, and interpretive exhibit graphics along with a series of educational programs will contribute to the holistic experience of the exhibition themes and will provide for a deeper understanding of both the Carnival symbolism and its artistic expressions. This exhibition will celebrate the diverse and common traditions of Caribbean cultures through their practice of the Carnival, which links them to all other neighboring communities who share similar forms of cultural expression.

The exhibition will also feature contemporary artworks that reflect on Carnival as a story and practice to provide not only visual experiences of continuation and change, adaptation and integration but to also interpret Carnival related meanings and aesthetics from individual artistic perspectives.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Contemporary
  • Various artists

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