Visible Vaults

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Nov 12 2016 - Nov 12 2019

The Visible Vaults will recreate part of The San Diego Museum of Art's most carefully guarded area, a place that is invisible to most visitors—the vaults where the thousands of works of art in our collection are stored. Often curators cannot put everything on view that deserves to be displayed; some works of art are too fragile, some are too light-sensitive, and others do not have the proper context in the galleries. However in this behind-the-scenes display, visitors will have the opportunity to discover over 275 little-known masterpieces, including prints, drawings, photography, paintings, ceramics, snuff bottles, and tiles. They will be able to open drawers, peek into our virtual storerooms, and take the time to sketch and observe some of the great treasures of the collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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