Day in the Life of Bruce Lee - Part 3

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Oct 1 2016 - Feb 11 2018

In an all-new Part 3 of the Bruce Lee exhibition series, explore what it took to become “Bruce Lee.” Get a glimpse of how Bruce Lee approached his every day – from his personal habits, routines, and work out strategies to his written and visual art, reading, and time with family and friends. The new exhibition will give you a chance to see how Bruce Lee approached life in a multi-faceted way and encourage you to find your own inspiration and approach. He tirelessly cultivated three areas he identified as important – body, mind and spirit. Strengthening each of those areas was Bruce Lee’s path to the ultimate – honestly and authentically expressing oneself to realize one’s potential.

See from his perspective what it took to become "Bruce Lee” and get one step closer to understanding how that became possible.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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