Raising Children for Strangers: Fay Ku

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Aug 28 2016 - Oct 23 2016

Artist's Statement: "The five works (plus two “insurance” works) represent both a departure stylistically from my previous body of work and the beginning oa new series where I adopt visual tropes from both Western art and found images from social media to create tableaux that are open-ended narratives. I'm still figuring out how to talk about this work, as it’s so new, but generally this new body reflects my musings on how this generation of young people reexposed to streams of images isolated from their context, how this parallels my childhood whethe things I was seeing were divorcefrom  or the stories I was hearing lacked a visual context. I think I am reconstructing my experiences as a child, the process of internalizing the images and the stories, and fuse them into a personal narrative/vision." Fay Ku

The Snite Museum presents this exhibition in support of a fall Notre Dame class focusing on transnational iconography: What We Talk about When We Talk about China. Assistant Professor Nan Zhang Da, English, states, “The class covers comparative studies of China from the 18th century to the present day. One of its units will be on East-West visual planes, specifically the gendered art forms that transact Western experiences of the East, and vice-versa. Students will be invited to the artist talk and also fulfill a formal analysis requirement in studying the paintings on view.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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