Precious Metals: Shining Examples from RAM's Collection

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Jun 19 2016 - Oct 2 2016

This exhibition explores our innate fascination with things that glisten and plays with notions of preciousness and material value. Mainly comprised of artworks made of precious metals, the show also features shiny objects made of other materials and other metals. This comparison is meant to draw attention to reasons why artists choose certain media. This exhibition offers a framework for looking at works that are visually compelling and thought-provoking.

RAM’s collection includes many examples of jewelry, hollow-ware, and vessels either made of or adorned with something “lustrous.” In addition, there are artists who use gold or metallic leaf to amplify aspects of two-dimensional images. Drawing directly from RAM’s holdings, Precious Metals features a wide variety of work.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

See museum website for a list of participating artists.

  • Decorative Arts
  • Contemporary
  • Design
  • Metalwork
  • Group show

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