Nikki Rosato: Inbound

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May 1 2016 - Sep 18 2016

Treating the small lower level gallery annex as an installation site, Nikki Rosato fills this room with her figurative works cut from road maps. Rosato cuts away all the land masses from the maps, leaving linear forms created from the leftover roads and waterways. The lines of the map are a metaphor for personal journey. 

“As we move though life, the places we inhabit and the people that we meet alter and shape us into the person that we are in the present day. I am interested in the idea that a place I visited as a child has affected the outcome of the person that I am today.” Nikki Rosato

This exhibition will highlight the exaggerated lines of Rosato’s work by playing with light and shadow and will also focus on her use of volumetric negative space, which forms a spatial counterpoint to the solidity of Ayami Aoyama’s work displayed in the adjacent gallery.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Works on Paper
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Nikki Rosato

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