Ayami Aoyama: Silence

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May 1 2016 - Sep 18 2016

Featuring recent works by this NJ based artist, Ayami Aoyama: Silence also includes new works that are being exhibited for the first time at Grounds For Sculpture. A master of stone carving, Ayami Aoyama hand-carves stone using a variety of saws, chisels, grinders and other tools. Traditionally grounded in painting, Aoyama started working with stone during her time as a student at the Art Students League in New York (since her studio is outdoors, she still paints in the winter).

“I always had the urge to travel, to seek something. When I found stone carving and could see that as a journey to seek shapes, colors and textures, I no longer needed to travel anywhere. Stone contains life within.” - Ayami Aoyama

Frequent themes in her work include connecting to the spiritual world and embracing the materials. While some artists begin working on a new sculpture with a pre-determined idea of the final result, Aoyama allows the materials to guide her hand organically into creating new shapes.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Decorative Arts
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  • Contemporary
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