Brian Singer

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May 4 2016 - Jun 19 2016

Napa Valley Museum

Yountville, CA

Artist Statement: "In my works on paper, I’m exploring the printed word as a visual representation of information, attempting to uncover new meaning in what is slowly becoming an outdated form. Crossing out the entirety of a written text while exposing only selected words changes the perception of the original message. Revealing word frequency adds another layer and opens new paths to understanding.

As an extension of this, my mixed-media pieces are created from flyers stapled to telephone poles (lost dog, garage sale, etc.). After years of weather, these community billboards become a rusting graveyard of events past. I remove the paper scraps and re-assemble them into graphic structures inlaid with chaotic bits of image, typography, and rust. I’ve even begun creating my own flyers, exposing them to the elements before tearing and then reassembling them into new forms.

Most of the larger scale projects I create are a direct reaction to either personal or shared events. The feeling of isolation created by the internet led to The 1000 Journals Project, a shared artifact network connecting strangers the world over. The rhetoric about what’s good or bad for the economy led to my questioning why we’re not talking about what’s good or bad for people instead. I seek to make people think, consider, and even question their preconceived beliefs."

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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  • Brian Singer

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