Past Future Housing - Morgan Fisher / Karina Nimmerfall

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Apr 22 2016 - Jun 25 2016

MAK Center’s Garage Exchange Vienna-Los Angeles exhibition series brings together former artist-in-residence Karina Nimmerfall and Los Angeles-based artist Morgan Fisher. Looking back at housing and urban planning in the U.S., the two artists revisit two historical moments: the dreams of home ownership via mass-produced, modular houses like those of architect, engineer, and city planner Howard T. Fisher and his company General Houses, Inc. in the 1930s; and, two decades later, the losing battle for a community-based modernism in the form of social housing, represented by the abandoned master plan for Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander’s Elysian Park Heights housing project in Chavez Ravine.

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  • Architecture
  • American
  • 20th Century
  • Design
  • Karina Nimmerfall
  • Morgan Fisher

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