Depth & Detail: Carved Bamboo from China, Japan & Korea

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- Nov 19 2017

Depth and Detail: Carved Bamboo from China, Japan, and Korea showcases a variety of carved, cut, incised, and etched bamboo objects. 

The exhibition demonstrates how artists used bamboo, carving deeply through it to achieve different colors and textures. The intricate decoration of the items on view includes religious imagery as well as people, animals, birds, insects, plants, and landscapes that tell stories or have symbolic meaning. See how artists used this strong and versatile material, inspired by poetry and literature, to construct containers, fans, hangings, writing implements, and other items. 

Depth and Detail is located in the Walter + Mona Lutz Gallery on Level 5 of the North Building, a space designated for bamboo works from China, Japan, and Korea.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Decorative Arts
  • Asian
  • Carving

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