Young Sil Rho

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Oct 13 2016 - Dec 15 2016

Korean artist Young Sil Rho began studying art in 1954. 

Here she describes the early days: “In Korea, it is rare to establish oneself through a professional career in art…when I chose to pursue fine art as a lifetime work, my mother wished me to study medicine. Pursuing my study of art without my mother’s blessing in a family dictated by matriarchal decisions was a challenge. At times, I made do with homespun canvas made from industrial tent materials. I have been partial to classical western art, however, I have incorporated the context of my cultural background and experience…essentially an oriental approach and the east-west dialog coexists in my artistic expression.”

In 1970 she held her first of many solo exhibitions in New York City. During one of these trips abroad she visited Zion National Park where she met Sunny Lee (a fellow Korean and resident of Springdale, outside Zion) who encouraged the artist to donate 40 of her paintings to SUMA. This exhibit is from that collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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