Voices: People, Places and Ideas in Utah Art

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Jul 10 2013 - Jun 1 2017

Works of art speak to us with many and varied voices. Some convey the thoughts and ideas of the original artists, while other voices belong to the subjects themselves, telling us about the personal stories and events in their lives. Occasionally we hear interesting voices from the lives of collectors through whose hands the works of art have passed over the years. A rich tapestry of narrative content is woven through these stories, and viewers become a part of the story as they add their unique perspectives and voices to the ongoing conversation.

In this exhibition we have clustered the works into sections representing People, Places and Ideas. In People we share images of individuals from different time periods and social or economic backgrounds as they pursue varied interests and engage in different life experiences. In Places we explore grand landscapes, towering buildings and intimate everyday spaces. The Ideas section is a blend of artistic responses that stimulate the mind and the imagination.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Painting
  • American

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