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Jan 13 2016 - May 14 2016

This contemporary show by Levi Jackson, running simultaneously with “Here, There, and Everywhere,” explores the other side of place – the forgotten spaces and disregarded landscapes of the American West.

In his own words, “Middle | Nowhere has a primary goal of demystifying the West in an effort to better understand contemporary mentalities. Middle | Nowhere takes traditional folklore, imagery, sentiments and iconography and buttresses it against the subversive, yet more prevalent Western vernacular. From this pastoral, majestic and even celestial place I use common, yet overlooked materials, locations and activities as vehicles to pique the awareness within the current state of the West. My intention is not to simply comment on a Western reality as not inspired or beautiful, because it is, but it is more complex—and gritty. While the West certainly is mountain springs, ox bows and wild flowers; it is also dry lakebeds, horse flies and thistles. Furthermore it is a cocktail of militaries, mysticism and the momentary. Beyond a physical manifestation of the West exists a mindset that transcends place. It is onward and upward—at any cost. This vision is understood as progressive and encompasses a divine destiny. Middle | Nowhere takes a critical view of this prevalent practice knowing full well the result will be pseudo-reconciliation.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Western
  • Levi Jackson

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