A Matter of Taste: Art, Kitsch, and Culture

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A Matter of Taste explores the complex relationship between art, kitsch, and culture. While a gift shop may seem the more likely place to find kitsch in a museum, A Matter of Taste turns this expectation upside down. 

Showcasing a wide range of kitsch, kitsch-like, or kitsch-inspired objects dating to the 20th and 21st centuries, this exhibition reveals the permeable and porous boundaries between fine art, kitsch, and popular culture.ncluding artworks from NEHMA's collection, such as works by Frank McEntire, Jean Lowe, Richard Pettibone, and Jeffrey Vallance, the exhibit also includes reproductions of famous paintings and loaned objects, such as works from the LDS Church History Library, original paintings from Thomas Kinkade's estate, and an installation about 'turbofolk' to provide an international perspective.

Each work may be characterized as art or as kitsch, as challenging our understanding of art, or even playing with definitions of art.Be sure to look for the various interactive areas, including the Kitsch Exchange where visitors can bring an object for display in the museum and take an object that someone else has left, celebrating the necessity of shared experiences for kitsch to exist. While the exhibit seeks to challenge preconceived notions about art or even the art museum, it also reminds us to retain a sense of humor. 

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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