Deep Into Nature

Landscape Paintings by Stephen Quiller

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Jun 23 2016 - Jun 26 2016

Based in Creede, Colorado, Stephen Quiller is one of the nation’s leading watercolorists.  ... Deep Into Nature: Landscape Paintings by Stephen Quiller, will highlight five of his watercolor landscapes. 

Stephen Quiller captures his environment and sets an atmosphere that expresses not just what he saw, but how he felt. Of the painting, February Evening, View From My Studio, Quiller said “My studio is located some 50 yards upstream from our home. We are at 9000 ft. elevation in southern Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, headwaters of the Rio Grande River. One February evening I stepped out my studio on the path to the house. I became aware that the night sky was alive and the stars radiating energy. The cool, dark mountain patterns had a magenta undertone in the shadows. There was a warm yellow-orange window light coming from the lone cabin across the road. I loved the way the black cabin’s shape was lost in the surrounding tree patterns.” 

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, Quiller will speak on: Mentors and Masters: Stephen Quiller’s Muse (see the museum website for details). He will discuss his approach to color and watermedia, his 12 color spectral palette, and the Quiller Color Wheel. The watermedia presentation will emphasize watercolor, gouache, acrylic and casein, and their unique visual qualities, handling characteristics, and how these media can be combined in a painting. His plein air paintings created in various parts of the world will be included, showing a photograph of each site to compare to the finished painting and elaborate on how the landscape was interpreted. 

On Saturday, June 25, 2016, Quiller will offere a demonstration: Interpretation and Expression: High Country Landscape (see the museum website for details) He will begin his demonstration by emphasizing his unique approach to color and composition. A high country mountain landscape will be demonstrated using a combination of watermedia and how each media has their own rewards to assist with interpretation and expression of the artwork. 

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