Rodney Ewing

Fact & Fiction / Cloud Jar

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Mar 19 2016 - May 8 2016

As part of BAC’s Agility Projects, Rodney Ewing presents new work that explores how we determine our relationships to cultural histories and personal experiences. How do we reconcile who we really are with how we have been perceived? How do we articulate our own identity within generations of histories?

In Fact & Fiction, Ewing begins with a background of rushing paint and color, using fiction-based literature to expand on the narratives of actual individuals whose stories have been overlooked or taken for granted. These classic tales of the imagination are tools that frame these individuals as human beings who may have been forced into events that we would all find challenging. In his second series Cloud Jar, Ewing makes reference to the role of water as an agent of change in the African diaspora and calls attention to recent events in Flint, Michigan.

Through painting, photography, installation and video, Ewing has created a visually -arresting body of work that serves as both sn intimate portrait of his individual experiences and his relationship to the cultural identities from which he emerged.

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